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Interview Angel Acosta

A notable image and object maker from our Colombian-Welsh community

interview-angel-acosta0“No matter what career you choose, keep creating art, keep preserving that artistic side that sets you free and takes you away.”



Some months after achieving his Bilingual International Baccalaureate Diploma, Ángel, the best Visual Arts student of the 2014 class, Industrial Design student at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, tells us a little bit about his artistic way through School, and how this has helped him be an outstanding designer-in-the-making.

In a few words, how was your experience of the Diploma Programme Visual Arts course at School?
It was very enriching and rewarding. I learned a lot and was able to develop my artistic skills further. Besides, it was a resting space for me, where I could get away from all the stress of all the other subjects and their responsibilities.interview-angel-acosta1

What parts of the process during the course were easy, and what parts were difficult for you?
No doubt about it, the easiest part for me was the production of works of art. I have abilities for manual and artistic work, so I could exploit them well for my works. The difficult part, which seemed heavy to me, was the interview-angel-acosta2completion of the investigation workbook; it was very tiring and became a broad work that added up to that of the other subjects.

What surprised you of taking the course?
I was surprised by the initiative and goals set for the students in terms of artistic formation, because, through explorations and investigations, we are requested to know more about the artistic environment and not just limit ourselves to the creation of an art piece. The fact of having a large number of artworks to create on a theme allows you to explore any aspect of your own choice and admire it from the artistic perspective.

Do you consider that the results of the course have supported your professional development?
A lot! Because, as I had already stated, it allowed me to grow and appreciate my environment from a much more beautiful and structured perspective, which mainterview-angel-acosta3de it easier for me to understand in my professional development.

How have you applied what you learned in Visual Arts for your career?


Starting from the fact that I learned about the fundaments of art and principles of design, I have been able to use them as reference at the moment of executing my design project proposals, besides having previous knowledge for the discussions in class about these. Plus, the manual abilities that I was able to explore through the creation of artworks, which I have been able to apply and perfect at the moment of creating the models in the machines studio. This has been very useful for the semester projects.

What has been the most useful of the course for you as a University student?interview-angel-acosta4
I would say that the most useful thing I acquired from the course was the knowledge, not only towards art, but also towards the materials that I used and explored through my artworks, since it is very important in my career to know the resources when you are generating a product, because that will let it be well-developed when it is manufactured and will help it be successful in the market. When I generate my design proposals I have been able to take advantage of that knowledge and use it as development alternatives to carry them on in the best way possible.
What would you recommend to a student that is taking the Visual Arts course at School?

In general, I would tell them to optimize their time and divide it, considering the works of the other subjects, but interview-angel-acosta5dedicating an equal space to Visual Arts, since one could think it is a not-so-demanding subject, but actually, it is one of the most complicated and it is hard to get a high score, which will affect the final results. So I suggest you to dedicate it enough time and to enjoy it, to do things you like, about themes you like, and you will see that ideas will come more easily and rapidly, which will make you seize time more effectively and not taking up hours thinking about just one idea.




What would you like to add to this interview?
I will just say that, at a personal level, art has fascinated me and it is part of me. I have a knack for the manual production and drawing, and I have been able to explore it a lot, especially because of the Visual Arts course, and nowadays, although my career is about creative production -not artistic-, I am still creating pieces destined for my home, my friends, or as a hobby, for pleasure, because it is something I enjoy doing and am good at it. This is why I want to express this to the ones who feel the same I do, no matter what career you choose, keep creating art, keep preserving that artistic side that sets you free and takes you away, because it is just this way that you will be able to grow in a complete way and to explore everything you are and more.

Bogotá, Colombia
February, 2015

Andrés Valero
IB Visual Arts Teacher